Dave’s Story

Dave “Dinger” Bell plans on rowing solo 3,118 miles the wrong way across the North Atlantic for charity!

Dinger plans to attempt a North Atlantic solo row starting in New York, USA to Falmouth, UK in June 2021, completely unsupported. That means Dinger must leave New York with everything he needs to complete the entire crossing. He is self-funding the expedition so every cent raised goes directly to his designated UK charities and organisations: 70% SBSA and 30% will be passed to Rock 2 Recovery.

Rowing solo from New York to continental Europe unsupported has never been done before!

The North Atlantic is a very different crossing than the more usual Mid Atlantic route made famous by the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge. Fewer than 60 people have ever rowed across the North Atlantic while over 100 people rowed the Mid Atlantic last year alone.

There is good reason for this, the largest wave ever recorded was in the North Atlantic, reaching 29 meters/95 feet high. The North Atlantic is a dangerous place, he risks being hit by storms, being run over by other ships, icebergs, the boat capsizing, and exhaustion to name a few.

It is not an easy personal challenge for anyone to even attempt but those that know Dinger are not surprised by his determination to complete this North Atlantic solo row.

In 1991, Dinger joined the Royal Marines and served 20 years and conducted operational deployments around the world. But rowing the Atlantic was something Dinger was interested in since 1997. So Dinger retired early knowing it would not be spent in “pipe and slippers.”

The first year of retirement, Dinger cycled over 1200 miles down the length of Thailand. The second year, he walked all 282 of the Scottish Munros (a mountain over 3000 feet). He hiked almost every day for 5 months. On the third year, Dinger spent in the French Alps where he skied in the winter and in the summer went mountain biking, hiking, running and swimming. And now, year four is Dinger’s biggest challenge yet. To raise money for the SBSA and Rock 2 Recovery through this North Atlantic solo row.

With the pandemic setting in too, Dinger realised how UK charities, organisations and the public needed a mental and financial boost. They need something to get behind, get inspired, and help charities and organisations at the same time. Charities are unable to do big fundraising events, so now is the time to do it!